RATLAB is a Movement to TAKE BACK THE LAB!

As a member of RATlab, you ARE the record label. Experience direct access to the musicians we support and fellow member-patrons, mentors, and music lovers of the RATlab community. Have a say. Be the first to hear. Make an impact on music! Producer and Lifetime Memberships are capped and limited, so join today!

Meet the team on a mission to produce the Greatest Albums Never Made!

We are a team of industry experts and titans here to champion the unheard. We are fully dedicated to freeing music from corporate ownership and enabling musicians to enjoy complete artistic freedom. Seasoned professionals, we understand the importance of creating a platform and space for musicians to develop a career and albums under their complete control. Our mission is music. Meet the RATlab Council.

The Council

Jason Pappafotis
Club President and CEO

Peyton McNully
Chief of Operations and Information

Katie Perrine
Chief of Strategy and Branding

Russ Parker
Chief Financial Officer

Peder Muller
Chief Technology Officer

Steven McClintock
Director of Songwriting and Publishing (Artist Development)

Travis Wyrick
Director of Recording Studios (Artist Development)