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What's RATlab?
RATlab is a community of music lovers like you, who give our annual dues to help incredible musicians to record their art without any contracts or ownership of their art. RATlab provides member-funded record production and artist development. Very simply, we love great music so we support it, fully, and ensure total artistic freedom and rights for the artists. We do not seek royalties or profits from a product, we enable artistic freedom for the sake of great music.

Is RATlab Like Any Other Record Label?
Not quite. Traditional record labels are for-profit entities who commercialize, distribute, and sell music. Labels typically control the rights to publishing, master recordings, and the name and image of the artists. RATlab is a community of music lovers who fund and support record production and artist development without any business motives. RATlab is decentralized and completely controlled by members. RATlab does not sell products or drive profits, it simply supports and funds the greatest records never heard with no strings attached. If artists wish to go on to fame and glory in the music business, to sell records and grow a business - THAT is where a traditional record label is needed. RATlab is focused entirely on enabling artistic freedom and providing the most supportive community for musicians in the world.

For the Music Lover, you will enjoy:

Unearthing new artists from around the world
• Behind-the-scenes glimpses into the artistic process
• First listens of demos and album tracks
• Invitations to exclusive events and concerts
• Direct access to the artists we support
• Bonds with fellow music lovers and industry titans

For the Artists, RATlab isn't just a club; it's a sanctuary. Share your greatest albums never heard here. Access artist development content to grow a career with a porfolio that you own and control. Enjoy full creative freedom amongst friends and supporters instead of being influenced by corporate sales or lack of ownership. Artists find in RATlab a treasure trove of unparalleled camaraderie, insightful counsel from seasoned mentors, and coveted grants every year to 100 artists to realize their creative voices with full suppport from the club.

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The greater RATlab community is powere by Skool and we are developing a custom, decentralized platform to manage membership, grants, and secure communication for annual and lifetime members.

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