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Artist Supporter: $3/month

Take Back the Lab | Join our movement as ab Artist Supporter and help 100 artists a year to make the greatest albums never made. Join our Skool Community and reach out to your favorite artists and access some of our artist development resources. For artists looking for support, this is where you can share your story and your music to gain the support of the RATlab members. Sign up to free the music and transform the lives of great artists around the world and be a part of producing their greatest works.

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RATlab Producer: $240/year

Join as a full, voting member-producer of the RATlab Community to receive your own, immutable membership ID. Annual members have the power to vote on the artists we collectively choose and fund each year and receive amazing perks such as: VIP access to shows, in-studio live streams, direct interaction with artists, exclusive merchandise, executive producer credit on albums, and more! Your annual commitment fuels the engine of RATlab and enables 100 artists around the world to create the Greatest Albums Never Made with you as a key partner!

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Lifetime Legacy: $10,000/life

Join RATlab’s inner circle. Ascend to the level of the RATlab Founders and Mentors as a Lifetime Legacy Executive Producer. Beyond annual perks, you possess weighted voting on the new artists we fund, access to our network of recording studios, exclusive VIP concert passes, listing as Senior Executive Producer on albums of your choice, and much more. RATlab will send you a RATlab Gold Record to proudly display. This is your record label and together we will champion the Greatest Records Never Made!

For the Music Lover, you will enjoy:

Unearthing new artists from around the world
• Behind-the-scenes glimpses into the artistic process
• First listens of demos and album tracks
• Invitations to exclusive events and concerts
• Direct access to the artists we support
• Bonds with fellow music lovers and industry titans

For the Artists, RATlab isn't just a club; it's a sanctuary. Share your greatest albums never heard here. Access artist development content to grow a career with a porfolio that you own and control. Enjoy full creative freedom amongst friends and supporters instead of being influenced by corporate sales or lack of ownership. Artists find in RATlab a treasure trove of unparalleled camaraderie, insightful counsel from seasoned mentors, and coveted grants every year to 100 artists to realize their creative voices with full suppport from the club.

Annual and Lifetime Memberships Are Limited - Join Early and Avoid the Wait List!

Join our movement to help 100 artists record the Greatest Music Never Heard, every year.

The greater RATlab community is powere by Skool and we are developing a custom, decentralized platform to manage membership, grants, and secure communication for annual and lifetime members.

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